• German-Canadian Society is looking for candidates for Work and Travel Program 2020
  • Summer 2020 or longer
  • Open for young people between 18 and 35 years
  • A scholarship in the amount of up to 1,880 euros is awarded to

If you would like to work in Canada in the summer of 2020, get to know the country and its people, and experience pure adventure, you have until December 15, 2019 to apply to the German-Canadian Society. (DKG) to apply. For 55 years, DKG has been arranging jobs in the tourism industry such as hotels and restaurants, but also on farms. When the Summer Job ends after two months, the holiday and travel season begins, in which the second largest country on earth with attractive cities and unique natural spectacles invites you to discover and stay. An extension of the stay up to 12 months is possible. An earlier start of work is also possible by arrangement. 

Every enrolled student of a university, technical school, vocational school or school graduate with at least a "Fachabitur" and German citizenship, good knowledge of English or French as well as an active interest in Canadian politics, economy and culture can apply for one of the coveted places. The best candidates will be awarded a scholarship of up to 1,880 euros, which covers the program fee in full. DKG's services include finding a permanent job and assistance in applying for a one-year open work permit, round-trip airfare from Germany (Frankfurt) to Canada (Toronto) including onward flights within Canada, participation in a preparatory seminar including overnight accommodation and breakfast in Germany, and a one to two-day introductory stay in Toronto. 

The best candidates will be invited to a selection interview in Cologne in early 2020. Those who meet the necessary requirements and are selected for the programme will take part in the DKG preparatory seminar in May/June. The outbound flight to Canada takes place in mid/late July. Those who return as Canada fans can actively maintain their contacts with Canadians and people interested in Canada in one of the numerous DKG regional groups. 

Since 1965, DKG has already arranged and accompanied more than 3,200 students to Canada. DKG is looking forward to welcoming many more students interested in Canada. For more information about the 56th Work and Travel Program in 2020 and the DKG, please visit 

Contact: Bernd Brummermann, Director Exchange Program and Gisela von Wissel, Program Assistance, e-mail: