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Many students are drawn to new countries and cultures for a student exchange. How about Canada for this valuable experience? Canada offers breathtaking nature, overwhelming metropolises and a good education system. If you have the Canadian fever, you should spend your exchange time there. What speaks for it and what there is to experience, you can find out here. 

The right preparation 

The right preparation is the most important thing in a student exchange. There is one question in particular: Do you organise the exchange yourself, or do you get support from an organisation? Both options have advantages and disadvantages. With a private exchange you save money by comparing flights and offers. However, you have less security due to the lack of personal experience. With an organization for student exchange, the exchange students usually receive a special preparation seminar, a pre-selection of possible host families and a contact person on site. You can also find out about the many offers for a student exchange online, for example here. 

What does Canada offer? 

Education system 

Canada's education system has an excellent reputation around the world. Students are taught in all-day schools. Here, students have the opportunity to develop their individual strengths. In this way, personal strengths can be optimally promoted, so that the learning environment is particularly conducive for the students. Subjects such as parenting or carpentry are even offered, and sports include canoeing and golf. 

Germany and Canada share the common feature that there is no national education system, but it is regulated differently in each province or territory. Even school length and age of school entry are different here. In Canada, it is common to distinguish between primary school, junior high school and senior high school. Here students can choose from different course levels, such as "advanced level", which corresponds to university. 

School starts at 08:45 in Canada - rather late compared to Germany. As an exchange student, be prepared to sing the national anthem in English or French at the beginning of class after being picked up by the familiar yellow school bus. 


Canada offers an incredibly wide range of activities. In the summer, canoeing and sailing are popular, while in the winter, adventurers can look forward to fun skiing, dog sledding and snowmobiling. However, Canada's beautiful nature also offers the opportunity to stroll along numerous hiking trails - even glacier hikes are conceivable! And not to forget: Canada's national sport. If you want, you can watch ice hockey games or try ice hockey or skating yourself, in addition to the school day. 

pure nature 

The main thing is to experience nature? Then Canada with its breathtaking landscapes is the perfect destination for exchange enthusiasts. Here, a huge adventure can be experienced by discovering unique animal worlds: Be it bears or whales, a unique experience is guaranteed in their home country Canada! In addition, Canada offers the longest coastline in the world. It is located between three oceans - There is nothing standing in the way of canoe trips or whale tours 


Canadian culture is characterized by openness and tolerance, because people from the most diverse cultural groups live together there. The assumption that Canadians are always friendly is particularly widespread. In fact, Canada stands for polite and respectful interaction with each other. The quiet, reserved manner spreads sociability and makes exchange students in particular feel comfortable and welcome. 

With all its facets, Canada offers the perfect opportunity to experience an unforgettable student exchange. The hospitality, the nature and all the activity opportunities besides school make you feel like you have found a second home. For bright, young people, this country is better suited than any other. Let's go!