What you can do wrong when applying for a job in Canada - The 10 worst mistakes to avoid! A current report from the expert Gerd Damitz : 

Canada has always been a dream for many Germans, and applications for temporary residence or immigration are on the rise. Even though an immigration application is quite complex, it is evident that certain errors occur more frequently. 

Canada Auswandern-Gerd

Considering the following 10 points will help you increase your chances of a successful skilled worker immigration application: 

  1. Contradictions in documents and information or insufficient documentation! Did you know that this is a "sure" way to rejection?
  2. Failure to meet a deadline for submitting additional information or documents! Did you know that this leads to rejection even if, for example, the e-mail from the immigration office with the deadline has demonstrably landed in the 'junk mail folder'?
  3. Minimum work experience is 1 year (NOC 0, A or B) within the last 10 years, without interruptions, and must have been monetarily remunerated! Did you know that this work experience is also recognized as part-time, but ONLY if it is also related in time?
  4. Incomplete proof of work experience! Did you know that the qualified job reference MUST reflect the essential activities of the appropriate Canadian occupational classification NOC (National Occupation Code)?
  5. Certified job offers (LMIA-Labour Market Impact Assessment) do not match the applicant's professional background! Did you know that a Canadian Labour Office approval of a job offer is not automatically recognized by the Immigration Department?
  6. Concealing so-called trivial offences, such as drunk driving! Did you know that this can lead not only to the rejection of an application, but also to a five-year refusal of entry to Canada?
  7. Ignoring medical problems! Did you know that these can lead to rejection, but the decision can be positively influenced by selected expert opinions?
  8. Wrong preparation for the English test! Did you know that many applicants underestimate the test and prepare incorrectly, and due to mediocre results, delay or even miss their potential selection to apply for immigration?
  9. Absolutely no errors and clarity of information in the Express Entry registration! Did you know that any differences between the Express Entry registration and the later actual immigration application can lead to the application being closed, and in the worst case lead to a five-year entry ban for Canada?
  10. Not informing the immigration authorities about a new partner or baby, even if they do not immigrate at the same time! Did you know that as a consequence these close family members are no longer considered family members after the immigration of the main applicant, and therefore can NOT be sponsored by him anymore?

I hope you have read everything carefully. Avoiding these mistakes will save you a lot of stress, time and extra money. Good luck with your application, and maybe we will see each other in Canada. 

Gerd Damitz is a licensed Canadian immigration consultant with a German consulting permit, and has been active for 20 years. He was instrumental in the founding and development of CAPIC, Canada's largest immigration counsel association, and the ICCRC, Canada's professional association. He is President of Amirsalam & Damitz Canada Immigration Counsel ( and can be reached for immigration law matters at